Freebies & Resources

I have had a lot of amazing resources given to me by some amazing people.

So I want to pay that forward and share the love with my Free Instagram Story Hacks guide.

Also below are some awesome resources that I use as a VA and I believe will benefit any small business owner.


A few of my favourite things

I am a lady with a lot of passwords – my passwords, my clients’ passwords, and occasionally my husbands passwords. So you can imagine why LastPass, an online password manager, is my new best friend.

Once LastPass is installed, it tracks your passwords as you log in to online accounts and stores and categorizes them. And get this – I can log out of Last Pass with one click, so, if I leave my computer, no one else can log into my accounts.

Check it out here

Need to store information in a searchable database and be able to retrieve it no matter where you are? Maybe not, but I do! Evernote to the rescue. I use it to store to-do lists, snippets of code for building websites, lists of books I want to read, anything I need to remember and use later. I can access my information on the web, on my iPhone, iPad or on my hard drive if I’m offline.

You can check it out here